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Teach Yourself To Sleep

Teach Yourself To Sleep 

by Kate Mikhail 

After decades of trying traditional methods to cure her poor sleep, the chance reading of a book by her great-great uncle, a pioneer in cognitive therapy and clinical hypnosis, led chronic insomniac Kate Mikhail to research the science of sleep and the mind-body loop, and develop the tried-and-tested methods that have finally enabled her to take control of her sleep and wake up feeling rested and energised.

In Teach Yourself to Sleep, Kate shares her approach, blending first-person experience with accessible sleep science and interviews with leading doctors, scientists and academics, as well as highly effective sleep ‘scripts’ provided exclusively for this book by sleep experts.




by Annie Garthwaite  

An exhilarating retelling of the life of Cecily Neville, a woman written off over the centuries who was right at the heart of the War of the Roses. One of the greatest untold stories, Cecily stayed close to the centre of power through 80 years of tumultuous British history; mothering two kings, bearing twelve children, burying all but two, surviving beyond her houses’ ruin.

For a woman at any time she is remarkable. Annie Garthwaite brings this woman and her world to life viscerally, showing us every angle of a woman as she navigates the highs and lows of power and motherhood.


Three Summers

Three Summers 

by Margarita Liberaki 

Three Summers is a warm and tender tale of three sisters growing up in the countryside near Athens before the Second World War. Living in a ramshackle old house with their divorced mother are flirtatious, hot-headed Maria, beautiful but distant Infanta, and dreamy and rebellious Katerina, through whose eyes the story is mostly observed. 

Over three summers, the girls share and keep secrets, fall in and out of love, try to understand the strange ways of adults and decide what kind of adults they hope to become.



by Clare Mackintosh  

Sunday Times bestselling author and International sensation, Clare Mackintosh, brings a showstopping quality to this modern take on the classic locked-room thriller. Set 35,000 feet above us on the first non-stop flight from London to Sydney, Flight Attendant Mina is trying to focus on the passengers instead of the breakdown of her marriage and troubled five-year old daughter at home.

But soon after the plane sets off, she receives a chilling anonymous note demanding her full co-operation. A nail-biting page turner full of twists and turns, you won’t be able to put it down.

Hostage Clare Mackintosh


"It’s really important that we appreciate that everything about our day shapes our sleep and that we understand the basic biology behind this."

Read our interview with the author of Kate Mikhail, Teach Yourself To Sleep.

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