We hope that you find this Q&A section helpful and useful.  These are questions direct from our customers; If you have questions that you would like to ask us, simply send your question via the "contact us" link.

Customer Services Team


Question: I'm only 5' 3" and wondered if you did short-length nightdresses or pyjamas?

Answer: Thank you, we don't specifically make short-length versions of our products. We offer a range of products that come in different standard lengths (all the measurements are listed in the specification on the website and in the catalogue).  Over the years we found that customers prefer to buy standard length products; unfortunately it's impossible to add more fabric to lengthen a nightdress or pyjama trousers but it's much easier for a customer to shorten them.


Question: I would normally buy a size medium [dress size 12 or 14 dependant on the shop/brand], should I buy a large in the Bonsoir nightdress because I want to make sure it's comfortable?

Answer: Thank you, no, you don't need to buy a different size because it's nightwear. The details in our size chart show your measurements as a guide to help you choose the right size.  The measurements of the actual garment will be bigger because we design our nightwear to be comfortable to ensure you have a relaxed fit.

 Please don't forget that stock levels are changing every day so please call the Customer Services Team on 01460 200 460 if you would like to know when a particular size or colour will be back in stock.