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Áine Carlin is the UK's bestselling Vegan Author, creating delicious and inspired plant based recipes that appeal to everyone.

We spoke to bestselling cookbook author Áine Carlin about her work, life and what she does to unwind.  Try something new in the kitchen this Autumn with a sneak peak at these delectable new recipes from Áine's cookbook Cook Share Eat Vegan. 

1. How and when did you first get into cooking?

It wasn’t until I moved to London for university that I started to cook properly for myself. I’d always had an interest in food but my skills were very limited in the kitchen. It quickly became my solace and I was always seeking out new recipes. About a decade later, food blogs were becoming very popular so I decided to start my own and from there everything gradually unfolded.   

2. Where do you find inspiration for your recipes?

Here, there and everywhere. A lot of the time it’s simply a case of me utilising or maximising what I have in the fridge or cupboard. I love the challenge of creating something interesting with minimal ingredients. I’m a fairly seasonal cook and I have a certain style, which means I’m always trying to simplify things for my readers. 

3. What is most rewarding about your work?

When people tell me how much my recipes have helped them on their vegan journey. 

4. Do you have any dream projects?

So many! I would love to create another cookbook for starters and have always wanted to host a vegan lifestyle show … something that not only covers the food aspect but also fashion, beauty and beyond. I definitely want to plan more events - it’s difficult because we’re still in the midst of a pandemic but my dream when we moved back to Ireland was to create a little plant based hub. We’ve toyed with the idea of buying somewhere in rural Donegal that would have a designated space for me to host cookery classes and the like but for now I’ll have to content myself with converting our large garage.

5. Who is the most inspirational person in your life?

I really struggle with questions like this for some reason. I’m probably someone who looks further afield for inspiration. I’m really obsessed with the Style like U videos on YouTube because they feature some seriously fascinating women who have usually taken the path less trodden.

6. Favourite holiday destination?

Lake Como. I’ve only been once in my life but I cannot wait to visit again. We were supposed to go as a family when Covid hit so obviously that trip was postponed. I’m longing to sit on that same balcony and soak up the incredible Bellagio atmosphere. One day.

7. What is your food guilty food pleasure?

Truffle crisps. Bowlful of those plus a large glass of chilled wine and I’m one very happy lady. 

8. Favourite café / restaurant / place to eat?

I don’t have any regular haunts at present but there are few places in Derry that have good vegan options such as Nonnas Pizza, Saffron, The Hidden Cafe, Pyke ‘n’ Pommes and Mekong Street Food. I’m really missing a few of our fav spots in Cornwall including our local pizzeria in Penzance called Totti and Lovetts in Newlyn.  

9. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

I’ve been given lots of great advice over the years but a lot of it can be summed up in this simple quote I came across a few years back … ‘hustle beats talent when talent doesn’t hustle’. Never a truer word spoken.

10. How do you relax at the end of a long day?

I’m a parent to a small toddler so by the end of day I’m completely wiped out. Usually my Husband makes us both a cup of tea before I summon the energy to make dinner. I’m also partial to a hot bath. 

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Credit: Áine Carlin is the author of numerous cookbooks including, Cook Share Eat Vegan.