Missing the spa?  Create the luxury spa experience at home.

Our busy 21st century lifestyles mean that we are always on the go, and can sometimes neglect self care. In order to be productive and happy day-to-day, finding time to look after and treat yourself is essential. 

Since a spa trip is off the cards at the moment, why not dedicate some time to self care at home.  You'll be surprised how easily you can replicate that experience of total relaxation all from the comfort of your own home. 

Read on to discover how to create a luxury spa experience for yourself this spring, to provide yourself with the care that you need, to recharge and feel restored and revitalised...

Book In Me Time

The first and most important step of creating an at home spa experience for yourself is ensuring you have peace and quiet, to fully benefit from the time you are dedicating to self care.  Distractions and interruptions will take away from the experience, and will most likely lead to you being unable to relax.  Wherever possible, cut out all distractions.  Plan your 'me time' and let everyone know not to disturb you.

Set The Mood

When we are busy it can be hard to switch off, no matter how much we want to.  Help your mind slow down to ensure you make the most of time you have to yourself.  Consider blocking out natural light, and avoid using artificial light.  Instead use candles to create a relaxing atmosphere and settle the mind.

Whether you’re taking a bath or sitting quietly with a facial treatment, your surroundings are key to helping you shut off. If there’s a chance there might be background noise in the rest of your home, consider playing relaxing music – both Spotify and YouTube have great playlists that you can put on for the duration of your spa experience, designed to help induce relaxation.

Invest In Quality

When it comes to your at home spa experience, it’s important to separate this from your everyday. Invest in a few key quality products to create that feeling of indulgence and pampering. Essential oils, luxury face masks and bubble baths are all a great way to communicate to both your mind and your body that this is a luxurious and relaxing experience. We love Aromatherapy Associates for top quality products that create a powerfully luxurious experience.

Extend The Experience 

After your relaxing bath or facial keep the spa experience going to restore and revitalise further. By now you should be feeling calm and still, which presents the perfect opportunity to lie quietly for a moment longer, or even better, to get a great nights sleep while both your body and your mind and are a mediative state. 

Invest in luxurious nightwear and a silk eye mask, specifically for putting on at the end of your at home spa experience. We love the Eden Silk Eye Mask, which feels beautifully soft against the skin, as well as blocking out the light for an amazing nights sleep. A pair of silk pyjamas is the perfect way to keep the skin cool too, our Teal Silk set is an ideal investment, to take your at home spa experience to the next level.


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