These Terms and Conditions prevail in the event of any conflict or inconsistency with any other communications, including advertising or promotional materials for the Cafeyn x Bonsoir campaign. The campaign will include every person subscribing to Bonsoir newsletter (the “Member”) receiving the chance to claim two month’s free unlimited access to Cafeyn via email notification (“the Gift”) from Bonsoir (the “Promoter”). Participants to this Cafeyn x Bonsoir campaign agree to these Terms and Conditions.


Promoter: Bonsoir


  1. Eligibility: To be eligible to enter, a Member must:
  • have received an email from the Promoter during the Promotional Period with details of how to obtain the Gift (the “Thanks for subscribing email”);
  • be 18+
  • not be an employee of the Promoter or any other person connected with this promotion.


  1. Promotional Period: 1st April 2021 – 30th September 2021. Eligible Members must redeem their Gift by 23:59, 30th September 2021.


  1. The Gift: The gift offered is two (2) month’s free unlimited access to online magazines and newspapers with Cafeyn. Members must submit their voucher code and register an account with Cafeyn by 23:59, 30th September 2021. Existing members will be required to register a new email address in order to take up the offer. No payment / card details are required to redeem this Gift. Members are responsible for any additional purchases they make via Cafeyn outside of the free Gift. The Gift is redeemed using a voucher code, given in your Thanks for subscribing email. The voucher code is valid until 23:59, 30th September 2021 after which time the voucher code will expire and Members will no longer be able to redeem their free month’s access. Partner terms apply:


  1. How to participate:
  1. Eligible Members will receive a Thanks for Subscribing email which will contain (i) details of the Gift, (ii) a voucher code and (ii) a link ( to redeem the Gift.
  2. To redeem the Gift, Members must follow the URL provided in the Thanks for Subscribing email and enter their voucher code on the landing page. Members will then to follow the registration process (if they already have an account, they will be required to register with a different email address in order to take up the offer). Members have until 23:59, 30th September 2021 redeem their Gift.
  3. Once registered, the Gift will be automatically applied.
  4. Members will then have two (2) month’s unlimited access to Cafeyn. The free access will expire one (2) calendar months from the day of registration. Once redeemed, simply visit the ‘My Subscription’ page (found under ‘My Account’ when logged in) to check your specific expiry date.


  1. No purchase is necessary in order to claim the Gift.
  2. 1 claim per eligible Member.


  1. The voucher code is single use and can only be used to redeem the Gift once.


  1. The Promoter accepts no responsibility for any claims that are incomplete, illegible, corrupted, lost, damaged, delayed.


  1. The Promoter reserves the right to require Members to provide further verification as to proof of their membership. In addition, the Promoter reserves the right to reject those claims which it considers, in its absolute discretion, are fraudulent or invalid.


  1. Your claim will be deemed invalid if (including but not limited to) you:
  • Are not an eligible Member (as detailed in clause 1 above);
  • Have not redeemed your Gift before 23:59, 30th September 2021.
  • Have failed in any way to otherwise comply with these Terms and Conditions or any corresponding partner Terms and Conditions as determined by The Promoter in its sole discretion.


  1. The Promoter reserves the right to replace the Gift with one of equal or greater value in the event of unavailability due to circumstances beyond its control.


  1. The Gift is not for re-sale, has no cash value, cannot be auctioned or exchanged and is not transferable or redeemable for cash. The Gift cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers or discounts. Unused, expired and redeemed Gifts cannot be refunded, exchanged or returned.


  1. Any additional costs which may be incurred in this promotion in the context of participation or claiming the Gift, such as internet costs, extras / upgrades, travel, and other additional services that go beyond those described services for the Gift fulfilment are not included as part of the Gift and must be paid by Members separately.


  1. Insofar as permitted by law, neither the Promoter nor its associated companies, will be responsible or liable to compensate the Member, or accept any liability, for any personal loss or injury occurring whilst using the Gift, neither can they guarantee the quality and / or availability of the services offered when using the Gift and cannot be held liable for any resulting personal loss or damage. Your statutory rights are unaffected.


  1. If any of these clauses should be determined to be illegal, invalid or otherwise unenforceable then it shall be severed and deleted from these Terms and Conditions and the remaining clauses shall survive and remain in full force and effect.


  1. These Terms and Conditions shall be exclusively governed by the laws of England and Wales and eligible Members irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.