We’re firmly in holiday season and whether you’re counting down the days to your next getaway or simply dreaming of exotic adventures in far-flung climes, the anticipation and thrill of travelling is quite unlike any other sensation.
Here at Bonsoir, we love to dream. We adore that pure, unadulterated sensation of discovering new places, new sights, scents and tastes. There’s nothing quite like falling asleep at night surrounded by the sounds and smells of somewhere new and waking to landscapes bathed in brightness and beauty
We’ve gathered together our exclusive selection of three of the most beautiful places in the world to wake up. Dare to dream and dare to adventure. After all, it is these moments that life is all about …


The City - Lisbon, Portugal


Escape the overcrowded streets of Barcelona and Venice with an adventure around Portugal’s capital city. Otherwise known as Europe’s hottest metropolis of the moment, Lisbon is a treasure trove of Gothic architecture, world-class cuisine and dazzling views from her trademark seven hills that surround the city.   Hop on the tram to the old city for a wander up steep cobbled streets embracing pastel-coloured buildings and exquisite architectural detail. Discover the UNESCO listed monastery, relax in the courtyards of the 11th century castle and sample the delicacies at Mercado da Ribeira where trade has taken place since 1892. When you fancy a bite to eat, the city’s food scene is the gift that keeps on giving with the world-famous custard tart living firmly up to expectations.

Pack… On-trend floral pyjamas for the ladies and short cotton pyjamas in classic sky blue gingham for the men.


The Sea - Deia, Majorca

A chic fishing village perched majestically in the foothills of the northern ridge mountains of Majorca, Deia is the hotspot where luxury and beauty come out to play. This rugged corner of the Spanish island boasts hidden treasures in abundance and UNESCO World Heritage Status thanks to an exquisite blend of history, nature and culture that has inspired many a creative talent.
As the ideal spot for walking, hiking or relaxing on the beach, there are vast panoramas to enjoy from spots including the Miramar monastery, and the picture-perfect peninsula of Sa Foradada. When evening comes around, choose from delicious local fare or Michelin-starred cuisine or take a short drive to the beach to enjoy some freshly caught fish.

Pack… a silk short nightdress in delicate pearl in fitting with the peaceful backdrop, or an electric blue nightdress to honour the exquisite ocean hues.


The Countryside - Tuscany, Italy


Tuscany is a destination where laidback chic presents itself on a whole new level. As the home of world-famous wine, food, culture and art, natural wonders manifest at every turn. From the Val d’Orcia where rolling green landscapes are studded with olive trees, vineyards and historic towns, to the historic city of Florence and the abundant charm of Siena, there is no end to her wonders. Rent a classic car and drive your way through the vast countryside to discover the very best that this region has to offer.


Pack… A silk-lined cashmere robe to keep you company with an early-morning coffee – raspberry for her and Bordeaux for him.