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Use our top tips to pack for a weekend away 

Known to be an unpredictable season, spring can be tricky to plan for. However, the mild yet refreshing temperatures, with the possibilty of bright sunny days make spring a great season for a weekend away. Whether you’re planning a lavish city break, or a tranquil escape in a rural location, planning ahead when it comes to packing is key.


Make the most of your spring adventures, with our guide to packing for a weekend break in spring for men…


Plan for the Weather

During spring in one weekend you might experience rain, sunshine, high winds and even hail, particularly if you are taking your weekend break in the UK. Ahead of packing, check the weather forecast for your destination. If you are staying in the UK, expect this to potentially change during the course of the weekend.

A key piece to ensure you’re ready for all occasions is a stylish waterproof jacket. Waterproofs have come a long way since the bright colours of the ‘80s, today you can find stylish jackets that have the benefit of being water proof, in a tailored or relaxed cut and in muted and sophisticated colours. A versatile style is perfect for a weekend away that might be quite varied, taking you from countryside walks or day time shopping, to the bar or restaurant in the evening.


Create a Capsule Look


Packing light is key to getting weekend break style just right, but that can be tricky when you’re planning lots of different activities. Here are a few key pieces to take with you for a stylish and practical capsule look:


- A pair of straight leg jeans, in black or grey

- Two simple t-shirts

- Two stylish shirts for evening wear

- A pair of walking boots or trainers

- A pair of brogues in black

- A stylish waterproof coat in a neutral colour

- Three pairs of socks

- Three pairs of boxers

- One pair of pyjama bottoms

Finally, consider a few additional essentials, such as a luxury shaving kit and skincare, to ensure you look and feel your best for the duration of the weekend.

Introduce a Little Luxury

Weekends away should have that little bit of added luxury. Even if you are heading to a rural retreat or your budget is tight, introducing a little bit of luxury to your weekend will take it to the next level.

Why not consider investing in a few pairs of high end boxers for your trip, so that you feel stylish and comfortable everyday. Our Liberty Boxer Shorts are the perfect option, in playful yet muted prints that reflect autumnal style perfectly. The Cosmo style is a particularly popular choice at Bonsoir HQ. In a feather paisley motif on a dark navy base this is the ideal pair of stylish luxury boxers to take with you on your trip.