Learn how aromatherapy can help you elevate your self care routine.

We spoke to the Founder of 1001 Remedies, a plant-based beauty and wellbeing brand born out of a mother’s love for her daughter. Moving from Paris to London, Sofia soon realised how pollution, stress and the passing of time was affecting her and her daughter’s wellbeing. Inspired by her own upbringing in Morocco and her uncle’s famous local apothecary, she wanted to create a more contemporary offering which combined exotic ingredients with state-of-the-art science and a hint of Parisian ‘je ne sais quoi’. See below Sofia’s top tips on embracing a more natural lifestyle.

Aromatherapy – or the science of self-care

Used by our ancestors, aromatherapy is the art of healing with essential oils and natural extracts to improve physical and psychological well-being. Preserving your immune system, aromatherapy allows you to combat the stressors of today, such as insomnia, stress, pollution or skin imperfections.

Beware of the ingredients!

The interesting fact about aromatherapy is of course, its use of natural ingredients. Indeed, as we all know, we are surrounded by products full of chemicals and it is more and more complicated to distinguish real natural products.  

Hence, aromatherapy comes in like a hero! Proposing products with essential oils and natural essences such as Eucalyptus, peppermint, lavender oil, aromatherapy protects your body naturally.

The blending of oils enhances their essences’ natural benefits to answer a specific therapeutic purpose, such as reducing pollution, acne or anxiety. However, pay attention to the ingredients list; many brands use aromatherapy and other “all natural” wordings to look good but are using diluted or artificial components. The rule-of-thumb is to check that the oils are pure, cold-pressed and avoid wordings such as “fragrance”, “silicone” etc.… It will allow you to benefit from the essential oils’ power and concentration.

Well-being & self-care ritual   

 Aiming to improve people's quality of life with natural well-being products, a simple daily aromatherapy routine provides your body with long-term benefits. Let’s jump into it!  

  1.  Purify Your Air  -  Well-being starts with your environment. Nowadays, pollution is present everywhere, even in your home. A specific blend of oil and plant extracts can remediate to this issue. Used well, it can protect your home from the outside with its antiviral and immunity enhancing properties.
  2.  Strengthen Your Body  -  Your body is your envelope and your rock. It is important to take care of it with simple and pure products such as argan oil. Argan oil is the multipurpose and lifesaver of aromatherapy adepts. Indeed, a 100% pure, cold-pressed, unrefined argan oil, gives you continual strength and natural glow. This golden oil is a deep antioxidant treatment and provides benefits to your hair, skin, nails and even to beards.
  3. Cleanse Your Skin  -  Skin imperfections can be harmed by today’s treatments as they tend to be aggressive and to dry up your skin with chemicals. Using skincare made from ingredients such as aloe vera, lavender and tea tress will help to prevent those stress and anxiety indicators leaving you with healthy glowing skin.   
  4. Prepare Your Good Night  -  Going to sleep can be perturbed by anxiety and stress. Whether than swallowing sleep pills using natural alternatives such as Lavender, Chamomile or Melissa will switch your nervous system from active to passive mode, allowing to get a deeper and more restful sleep rapidly.   

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