Tina has been working with us in our Somerset cutting room for over 25 years. We caught up with Tina to find out more about her role at Bonsoir...


Do you know roughly how many items you have cut over the years?

‘When production was huge years ago, we could cut up to 200 ply’s of silk, we can still cut many layers of silk at one time. I use the knife blading machine for detail and intricate elements like pockets, ties"


Over the years Tina has skillfully and delicately hand cut thousands of garments, often continuing to use traditional techniques to achieve consistent high quality results "we still use a lot of the same equipment and techniques that were used years ago”



What is your favourite fabric to work with?

“For the simplicity of it, the cotton’s. Although I do like the challenge of the silks and the cashmere is lovely to work on, very luxurious”…


Tina’s work takes time and great skill, which she has developed over the years whilst working in the cutting room. Her passion for creating quality and luxurious nightwear is seen in everything she makes.