Join us on a journey down the silk road to discover the joy of one of our most luxurious fabrics. 

One of the most important parts of the Bonsoir story is the materials we use to create our nightwear. Recognising that style and comfort go hand in hand, we pride ourselves in creating timeless pieces that feel as good as they look.

With silk being one of our favourite fabrics, we considered it high time to create a blog post celebrating this fabric and explaining just why this is a love affair that will last through the ages.

Our journey down the silk road has been a long and luxurious one, with a strong British heart. After more than eight decades in the industry, we’re renowned for producing timeless nightwear in the highest quality fabrics.

Our printed silk is sourced from Liberty London and crafted in our Somerset workshop by talented artisans for the finest fit, quality and cut.  The Bonsoir process is a careful and intricate one where we make sure to create beautiful pieces that retain the highest levels of comfort and quality innate to the fabric whilst also being kind to skin.

Calm and Collected

Silk is a wonderfully versatile material. Thanks to its tightly woven, double-stranded fibres and abundant natural properties, it can be worn throughout the seasons to keep the body warm in winter and cool in summer. It’s the perfect luxurious and laidback companion for a peaceful night’s sleep.

  • If you like an eye mask to enhance your sleep quality, we would always recommend one made from silk as it will sit naturally on your skin without any discomfort. The smooth surface and natural cooling properties of the material will keep you cool, contented and relaxed throughout the night.
  • Not only is it deliciously smooth but did you know that silk is also a hypoallergenic fabric? As the go-to material for those with sensitive skin, it helps the body retain moisture and reduces the risk of skin drying out overnight.

This means no more waking up with itchy, irritated skin after a fretful night’s sleep. Instead the silk works together with your body for a peaceful, compassionate and pure experience.

A Silken Kind of Magic

Experts across the board celebrate silk for its health and wellness properties, with some evidence to suggest that the naturally occurring proteins and amino acids work to relax the nervous system, support cellular repair and fight the signs of ageing.

Now that you are in on the secret, you can understand why silk is the fabric to wear through waking and sleeping hours from the depths of winter to the hottest summer days and everything in between.


Each piece in our silk collection is handmade to order in our sewing room in Somerset.

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