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Discover a new daily routine with the joy of a slow morning.

 For years converts of the ‘Slow Morning’ have been telling us of the benefits of starting your day without rushing. But now the recent change of pace has made trying a slow morning more feasible than ever before. With proponents claiming benefits for their productivity and mental health could a slow morning be just the thing to improve your quality of life.


Here at Bonsoir we love any idea that improves to comfort and relaxation, so we put together our schedule for the ideal slow morning. Give it a try one day a week and see the benefits for yourself. Adjust the times to whatever suits your schedule but remember to take your time and enjoy the process.

Make a Plan

The night before your slow morning plan when you want to start your day and what you’re going to prioritize during your slow morning. Go to bed a little earlier than usual to make sure you’re getting enough sleep, so you feel refreshed when you wake. If you’re someone who struggles to get up before the sun invest in a light alarm clock that will wake you gently with gradual light filling the room. This will help you wake up naturally without the shock of the alarm going off.

7am - Wake-Up

Put an essential oil on your bedside table and dab a little on your wrists when you wake up this will help you feel invigorated for the day and start your slow morning right. Peppermint or grapefruit oil are ideal for helping you ward off that sluggish feeling as you wake. 

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7:15am - Coffee or Tea? 

As you drink your favourite morning pick me slowly write down your intensions for the day. If you’re working this could be your to do list. Or if you’re having a slow weekend or day off it could just be something you want to achieve, a new recipe to try or an old friend to check in with.

7:45am - Eat Breakfast.

Don’t skip the most important meal of the day and certainly don't rush it with a bowl of cereal.  Devote the time to making something delicious. Try an Acai Bowl for a seriously beautiful nutrient rich start to your day or take the time to poach an egg to have with avocado and toast. Don’t rush in your eating, take your time and enjoy the meal you've created, maybe enjoy reading a book while you eat.

8:15am - Workout

Getting your days workout in before you start your day gives you a great boost on endorphins and sets you up for a positive day ahead. If a high impact workout isn’t your thing try some yoga or simple stretching. You’ll feel accomplished all day knowing you’ve already done something good for yourself. If you’re not able to workout you can achieve that same feeling of connection with yourself through a guided meditation. This will put you in a good mental space for the rest of the day.  

9.15 am - Be Creative

These quiet morning hours without distractions can be a great time to let our creative juices flow. Dedicate some time to a creative project or brainstorm your next venture. Try journaling as a way to wake up your creative ideas. Devote at least 45 minutes to creativity in your morning.

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Finally get ready to start your day. Get dressed out of your comfort or workout wear and set yourself up to be happy and accomplished. We promise you’ll be a convert of the slow morning in no time.



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